Holkham Hall

Explore The Beauty of Norfolk's Imposing Estate

Holkham Hall is a magnificent eighteenth-century Palladian mansion, owned and lived in by the Earl of Leicester and his family.

Holkham Hall

History of Holkham Hall

Holkham Hall was designed by Thomas Coke, the first Earl of Leicester.

His architectural design was inspired by the buildings he had seen during his travels to Italy.

For the next several years, architects and builders worked to bring Coke's vision to life. The construction of the Hall started in 1734 and was finally finished thirty years later, in 1764 and it has been a stunning estate ever since.

In addition, the Coke family has collected plenty of rare and valuable objects over the years, many of which are displayed in the Hall.

Holkham Hall is an iconic landmark, known for its stunning Palladian architecture, wonderful walled garden, lake and sprawling grounds.

The lake at Holkham Hall

If you pay to have a look around the property, you won't be let down - the tour is well-structured, giving you a great opportunity to get a sense of life at Holkham Hall.

Inside the Hall

Inside the Hall, you’ll find a mind-blowing array of artworks, furnishings, and artifacts.

Marble room at Holkham Hall

The Marble Hall is one of the first of many impressive and luxurious rooms that you will go through.

Although it is termed the Marble Hall, it is in fact crafted from alabaster – a material that is quite similar. With its high ceilings and Roman columns, it is easy to forgive the fact that it is not actually made of marble!

Holkham Hall interior

From the grand state rooms to the exquisite chapel, Holkham Hall is a feast for the eyes.

When I went to the library, I noticed lots of personal family photos, which were very recent and reminiscent of the ones we usually have in our own residences (except for a portrait of the Queen and other members of the Royal Family, of course!).  The atmosphere was very homely, so much so that some rooms had the curtains pulled down and I could even detect the scent of a barbeque!

Chapel at Holkham Hall

The ornate chapel is also a beautiful space with gilded carvings, and painted ceilings.

Artworks and Furnishings

You’ll also discover a stunning collection of artworks and furnishings in many of the rooms.

Grand stately rooms at Holkham Hall

There is a State Gallery, Dining Room, Drawing Room, Saloon as well as State Bedrooms and many of these rooms feature an array of valuable works of art, and you’ll find paintings by Canaletto, Claude Lorraine, and Reubens and Van Dyke to name but a few.

There is also a vast collection of furniture that was collected and added to the Hall over the years.

The Stables Courtyard

Courtyard Cafe at Holkham Hall

You can enjoy The Stables Courtyard which is now a Visitors Hub with a gift shop and café, and also includes the Holkham Stories Experience which you will be a part of if you buy tickets to look inside the Hall.

If you don’t fancy a stop at the café, you can always bring a picnic and relax and enjoy the surroundings anywhere on the estate.

Exploring the Grounds

The sight of the huge walled garden made me gasp in admiration. It’s quite spectacular and worth paying the entrance fee to visit it if you like walking around gardens.

Holkham Hall walled garden

As I entered the gardens through the 1908 Venetian-imported wrought iron gate, I was welcomed by the magnificent red brick wall, which created a perfect backdrop for the other wonders that lay ahead.

There is ongoing restoration work here to restore it back to its former glory.

Holkham Hall has a great deal to offer, with its vast grounds, lakes, and deer park.

Taking the entire day to explore the grounds is well worth it, as you'll likely encounter the fallow deer scattered amongst the trees.

Holkham Hall Ice House

There are various trails around the park, and the one I took was around the lake - easy walking and pleasant. I started at the Hall, went to the ice house (which looks stunning with its thatched roof) and sat down on the bench with the 7th Earl with a wonderful view of the Hall.

After that, I proceeded to the walled garden and then to St Withburga's Church before circling the lake and ending up in front of the house. (These are details I would put in your walking holiday pack).

Fallow Deer at Holkham Hall
Earl Leicester statue
St Withaburga's church

I really hope you get to explore this wonderful estate when you’re walking the Norfolk Coast Path.

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